About Us

We’re Simplifying Mobile App and Custom Software Development

Without Limits

At Boundless Brain Solutions, we embrace these two words in every solution we create. The mind is an oasis of opportunity. All we have to do is uncover it. We collaborate with you to turn the oasis into reality.

A Thinking Partner

Sometimes a business partner works with “bounded” thinking and only deliver what you ask for. But not us. We look at your whole picture and identify what will hurt you and what will help you. That’s the definition of thinking without limits. That’s what it means to be “Boundless.”

Words That Make Us Gag

Words like quick, dirty and thoughtless make us gag. We don’t understand doing something when it doesn’t make sense. We’re not trying to quickly separate you from your finances.

This Thing Called “Teamwork”

Every solution we develop requires us to understand both what you want and what you do. Every solution requires us to become part of your team, invested in seeing your success.

It’s Our Foundation

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s our foundation. We’re not strictly about the technology. We offer the best solutions of course, but what makes the product is the people. For us, relationship is key.

It’s Not Magic

Honestly, if you don’t’ like what we’re saying then we may not be the right partner for you, your need and your answer. And if you do like what we're saying then it's time to contact us.


How We Do It

A.K.A. Boundless Brain’s Steps to Success

Meet & Greet

This is the initial connection (kind of like a blind date setup by a trusted friend). We meet you. You meet us. We get to know each other and you see if you like us. We learn about you and your business. You learn about us and how we can help your business. By the way, this is not a sales pitch and we won’t be doing a sales presentation. No way – we promise. This is a collective discussion where we share ideas, even do some initial brainstorming and decide if we’ll be a good fit for you and your project.

Scratch the Surface

Congratulations, there’s a fit! We can work together. We look at what’s already in place, does a solution already exist, and we do a deeper brainstorm on solutions and try out scenarios. At the end we’ll have one or more solutions for our next step.

Run the #s

Yes, running the numbers is a very important step. It is where we look at each solution through the lens of quality, timing, costs, and a few other factors. You’ll love this step because this is where you get to see the internal workings of each solution. When we’re done, you give the thumbs up on the solution or solutions which work best.

Diggin’ In

Now we do some deeper planning of the solution and how we’ll get it done. This is all about pulling the people and the tools together. We get out the calendar and set the timeline. When we’re done with the planning we know the who, the what, the when, and the why about your project. And now it’s all hands on deck to develop your solution. It’s design, code, test, tweak, test some more, polish, and tweak until we are ready for prime time. Alpha, Beta, UAT - it’s all in this step.

Ready for the Red Carpet

After all the hard work we’re ready for the red carpet! Dressed in its best, it’s time to show off your product to the world!

How’s It Going

Monitoring, maintaining and looking ahead…this is where we watch how your solution, your baby, is doing. We address the problems and identify if there are future features we can add. We start planning for the next phase and knock out any issues that weren’t caught before now. Don’t worry. Our relationship doesn’t have to be over. We want to be with you for the long haul. Together we can continue your success.

Getting Started

So you’ve read about us, you know what we can do, but maybe you have more questions. If so, we are waiting to hear from you. Fill out our contact form - at a minimum, we need your name, email address, phone number, and a little info about your project and/or questions you have.


By the way, you should know that...

we won’t take and/or share your project idea with anyone but you. Even (especially) if you decide not to use us to develop it. Consider this our non-legeleaze non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We want to build a long term relationship with you and we can't do that if you can't trust us. So we want to get that out of the way first so we can truly focus on working with you.

we will treat you and your team like they were a part of ours. We know that success on any project comes from teamwork and cooperation.

we won’t drag our feet when it comes to getting back to you. In most cases you’ll hear from us within a few hours. And as part of any project engagement we set asside dedicated time to talk/meet/plan/discuss your project with you. It's built in to our schedule and it guarantees that you have no surprises every step of the way.

we will guarantee our work 100% - no ifs, ands, or buts. You wouldn’t pay extra after you bought a car to make it do what you paid for it to do, right? So the same applies here. if we build something for you it's our job to make sure that every part of it works to your satisfaction the way that it was planned. Many software companies will charge you more to keep fixing bugs that they created in the first place. But think about it, that just lets them off the hook of getting it right in the first place. Just some food for thought ;-).

Now, tell us a little bit about your project. Put as much detail as you need to. The more you tell us the more accurately we can come up with a solution that fits.